“I’m Too Busy for This”

Here’s a story from FrankNews about what happens to some of your El Paso neighbors.

It’s strange. Something’s happening. It’s strange to make a lot of people uncomfortable. I grew up in the late eighties, early nineties, and it was such a peaceful and great time to live, Reagan years, even Bush, all the Bushes. Everybody was about equality. It seemed like we were setting the example all around the world. What the fuck happened? Were we blind the whole time? Was this racism existing the whole time when we were just having too good of a time to realize it? It’s crazy. It’s crazy.

Read the whole interesting interview at FrankNews.substack.com.


  1. I read some of it, but got discouraged by the bad grammar and lack of editing. However, I agree with the idea that things are very different now, compared to, say, the 80’s. I also tend to blame 9/11 for a lot of the bad changes. I hate the Patriot Act, and the creation of what we call Homeland anything (smacks of Nazis or Communists, to me). And, I don’t like the interactions between citizens and agents of either CBP or police. The police have become too militaristic, and that includes CBP agents. We are planning to drive to Chihuahua at the end of this week, just for the weekend. That is something we used to do (up until the latter part of last century) at least once a month. Frankly, for the first time ever I am kind of dreading the entire experience because I know that it is now way more costly and much more hassle to undertake what used to be a simple fun trip. I am also concerned about the reports of large numbers of immigrants headed this way, and only hope we do not encounter any problems associated with that. Wish me luck.

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