The New Chief

by Rich Wright


Peter Pacillas was named the permanent chief of the El Paso Police Department after a six-month, nationwide search.

Pacillas, a longtime assistant chief with the EPPD, served as the interim police chief during the executive leadership search.

. . .

[Mayor Oscar Leeser] called selecting a police chief one the biggest decisions a community makes. Leeser said Pacillas is replacing a police chief who was a legend within the police department and who led by example.

. . .

[Recently deceased Greg] Allen led the department for 16 years and was considered an “officer’s chief.” The former chief seldom held news conferences or communicated directly with the public on policing challenges at home and in the United States.

There were several allegations of bad behavior by Greg Allen as a patrol officer before he became Chief, and recent court decisions concluded that officers were poorly trained while Allen was Chief, resulting in the deaths of several citizens. Discipline was lax, the judges concluded.

I guess that made Chief Allen an “officer’s chief”.

I hope that Chief Pacillas will show that he’s a citizen’s chief.


  1. Rich, plus “Uncle Tom” called BLM a “Terrorist Organization.” Everyone praised Uncle Tom for El Paso being the Country’s safest city…Laughable, since we sit right across the bridge from the World’s Most Dangerous City….You can thank Barrio Azteca for that “Safest” city label. Excellent book my Martin Paredes on Barrio Azteca.

    1. El Paso never was the safest city. Irving CA. Had the title.

      When that fact was revealed then fiction writers of El Paso history developed the title of safest city of IT SIZE. A designation that never existed.

  2. Yeah he was a “legend” all right. Called the Black Lives Matter a “terrorist organization….” Should we mention the allegations of sexxual assault by officers on other officers?

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