He’s a Witch!

From a September 5, 2021 article by Sara Sanchez in the El Paso Inc.:

A multimillion-dollar project that includes rebuilding and widening Interstate 10 through Downtown El Paso is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Last week, the Texas Transportation Commission added the Reimagine I-10 Segment 2 freeway widening project to TxDOT’s 2022 Unified Transportation Program, a 10-year plan that lays out the state agency’s priorities.

. . .

The Downtown transportation project could include a deck park, but that would be funded separately from Reimagine I-10 and has not been added to TxDOT’s final plans.

But how about this May 26, 2016 article on CBS4Local.com:

MountainStar Sports group owns the El Paso Chihuahuas. It’s CEO Josh Hunt told CBS4 he would like the stadium to “cap the freeway,” or sit above Interstate 10.

What sorcery is this? How could Mr. Hunt contemplate a deck above I-10, years before TxDOT even considered it? Does Mr. Hunt practice the dark arts?

I think maybe we should throw him in a river, or maybe a canal, and see if he floats.

Or maybe it’s all part of a secret plan.


  1. Not sorcery, Alchemy. You take prima materia in the form of public assets like land, taxes and space and transform them into the lapis exillis – the Philosopher’s Stone – of private assets. Your acolytes in this process are the public servants we elect to serve us. Except they don’t.

  2. Spread the word.
    Say “NO!” to expansion of I 10 in downtown El Paso and a really HUGE NO to the deck over I 10!
    The expansion of I 10 is unnecessary and a waste of your tax dollars.
    Who will pay for the totally unnecessary deck? YOU. Say NO!

    1. Sito Negron is on this issue with his group, Freeways for the People. Good man.

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