Greetings From Gringolandia!

Wish you were here!

County Commissioner Vince Perez is all in our face about Senator Jose Rodriguez’ quote in Texas Monthly.

Here’s what the Senator said:

“To capture what El Paso really is, you need to accept the Mexicanness, the Mexican American, and indigenous roots of El Paso,” he says. “There’s too many people who say, ‘I want us to move away from that. I want us to be like Gringolandia, like all the other homogenized American cities.’ El Paso is unique. You can’t find a place like this anywhere.”

And here’s Commissioner Perez’ reaction, from the El Paso Times:

“Sen. Rodríguez’s crass remarks to Texas Monthly that ‘There’s too many people who say … I want us to be like Gringolandia’ are an embarrassment to El Paso and beneath his stature as a senior member of the Texas Senate,” he said.

“His racially-divisive rhetoric further undermines civility in our political discourse and fuels a dangerous ‘us versus them’ mentality, that has hindered the legislative process in Austin and in Washington,” Perez said.

Do you think that was the quote that ticked Commissioner Perez off? Or maybe it was this one:

“I don’t want to say that they’ve been bought by the developers,” [Senator Rodriguez] says of the city council, “but they’ve at least been brought into their corner.”

Whoa. Isn’t Commissioner Perez’ wife on City Council? The City Council that just voted to give the Hunts two million dollars (cash) to move Hunt Companies to downtown from North Mesa? The City Council that just voted to give two million dollars (cash) to WestStar Bank to move across the street?

I can’t wait to see how Commissioner Perez voted on incentives for the downtown office tower.

I could see how some people might think that certain elected officials have been bought off have been brought into the corner of the developers. I mean, just look at their votes in support of a trainwreck of failed policies. Look at the results: falling median household incomes, citizens fleeing the city, declining real estate values, lower rents.

If there’e another explanation, I’d like to hear it.


  1. Not surprising. I doubt there is any politician or lower level officials that aren’t head deep in the “winking” business. And here I thought it was the dust or sun in El Paso.

    Vince is upset because it does include his wife and the charge does reflect on the councils reputation. Is the charge valid ? It does beg the question when candidates campaign fiercely on transparency and no additional debt. Then as soon as the swearing in ceremony is completed there is a rush to raise taxes and block all attempts to get an explanation. We are on a merry-go-round with the politicians. Doesn’t matter whom we elect. The “winking” continues.

    Senator Rodriguez simply stated what has always been the truth about El Paso. It is corrupt, racist and poorly managed. And you think any corporation would relocate to El Paso ? Even the schools are bad. Poor scores, pedophilia, and life of the rich and famous life style.

    Senator don’t apologize or offer any spin. You said it and it’s the truth so own it. That will give you more creditability than trying slide out of it.

  2. I am grateful that Senator Rodriguez has said what we’ve all been thinking. He might be a keeper. Vince Perez reminds me of the roller coasters we used to go on at Riverview in Chicago. You have to be taller than this to get on the ride.

  3. He said what we’re all thinking? That it’s bad to be white? That El Paso’d be better off without white people? That was the clear and obvious message.

    1. You are misconstruing what he said. He said El Paso should be proud of what it is instead of pretending to be like the rest of the country.

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