The Naked Cowboy Comes to Juarez

Celebrity is like paper money. Celebrity has no intrinsic value. It’s not like talent. It’s not like skill. It’s not, necessarily, like beauty. But talent or skill or beauty can bring you celebrity, and, in some curious cosmic twist, it’s the celebrity that makes you money.

Celebrity, like paper money, has value because enough people have agreed that it’s valuable.

You can be famous for being famous. You can make a sex tape. Or you can stand around in Times Square, playing your guitar in briefs.

Like the Naked Cowboy. I guess in Times Square be can busk, but to take money for busking in Juarez you need a union card, and I suspect the Naked Cowboy doesn’t have a union card that works in Juarez.

He said he was here to get his wife’s visa worked out. He had a professional photographer in tow. His wife sat by the fence of the MUREF. A couple of major Mexican television networks are planning reports about his visit.

You just never know what you’ll see in Juarez.

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