Free Money

Am I reading this right? It’s the attachment for the agenda item for the new office tower downtown.

Not only are we giving the Hunts and WestStar tax incentives, we’re also paying them cash? So they can have new offices?

Is this a great country, or what?

I’m really not seeing how having someone relocate from one part of town to downtown is that good for the community. These aren’t new businesses moving to El Paso. There are old businesses moving from one part of town to another. WestStar Bank is moving a block.

Tell me how that benefits the taxpayers. Please.

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  1. And, just how many stories tall will this be? I mean, how many stories equals a “high rise?” As for incentives, that’s just the El Chuco way, isn’t it? Disgusting, at the very least. Theft, possibly.

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