Good News and Bad News

The good news is that Stanton Street is open for two-way traffic north of Schuster.

The bad news is that traffic is about as good as it’s going to get. One lane, each way. They haven’t striped the bike lanes in yet, but they’ve started to put the little islands in for those brave souls who will be riding the trolley.

I paced it off, and the space between the islands and the curb is about twenty feet. They’re going to cram a car lane and two bike lanes into those twenty feet, and I think it’ll feel like my pants waist after Thanksgiving dinner.

The PR guys are calling it a “complete street,” but I think they forgot the bridle path.


  1. I’m curious as to how southbound traffic is going to make a left turn onto Kerby and Rim. They put those Streetcar Islands right at the intersection so I guess cars who want to turn left as they head southbound will need to either use another street or clog up traffic waiting to make the turn.

    I may not think the City is inherently evil but this project does make me think that the CRRMA (the geniuses building it) and the City don’t actually give a fuck about what the population wants. They listen to the flavor of the week/day/hour and implement changes to satisfy the loudest whiners and then forget about why they did something by the time it’s built.

    The City talks a good game about public outreach but they NEVER had any sort of public outreach asking the public if they wanted that stupid two-way bike track on Stanton. I went to those meetings and once it had been decided to shift the streetcar into the middle of the street (around December-ish) the meetings about it were to inform people what they’d be dealing with, NOT to ask them if that was a good idea.

    They don’t even have good ADA solutions on some of those sidewalks but they sacrificed sidewalk space for a two-way bike track even though ADA is federal and bike stuff is just “cuz we want it”. Ugh. Really annoying.

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