Why didn’t they call it an arena?

I know you’ve been wondering the same thing. If they wanted to build an arena downtown, why didn’t they call it an arena?

Is it because Texas has very specific laws governing voter approval of arenas?

Is it because the local power brokers suspected that voters wouldn’t approve an arena if the voters knew what they were voting on?

(In private, the people who backed the ballpark will tell you that they rammed it through because they didn’t want to leave it to the voters.)

That whole QOL bond proposition was pretty much a giant fraud. Very few (if any) of the projects came through at the price the voters approved. The City’s lawyers say the election was a contract, but I’ve never heard of a contract where the seller gets to change the price on you after you’ve made the deal.

Woe are we, Paseños. Woe are we.


  1. And the people in charge of ramming this boondoggle through are counting on El Pasoans apathy as reflected in low voter turnout as well as misplaced enthusiasm for new and shiny things which are falsely considered “progress.”

    1. Oh, you are right on, Walli! I’ve been seeing the mindset for years that if something is old, it should be discarded or destroyed. My time is coming, it seems…………..

  2. So sad Another boondoggle . And we cannot come up with any ideas to use the beautiful buildings we have downtown. A decided lack of imagination.

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