Maybe you saw this op-ed in the El Paso Times this weekend:

We are proud El Paso residents, but it isn’t easy to pay some of the highest property taxes in the state of Texas.

We see our neighbors sacrifice and give generously to fund schools, parks, hospitals, streets and law enforcement officers who help make this one of the safest cities in the country.

Despite some confusing ballot language, the majority of voters approved the 2012 Quality of Life Bond to fund a wide range of projects that benefit all El Paso residents and reward them for their tax sacrifices.

The stewards of these funds, however, have consistently failed the taxpayers.

Two city managers and numerous city councilors have promised to take care of the residents of El Paso, only to act unilaterally, avoid community input and muzzle legitimate public concerns.

I would have said “Because of some confusing ballot language . . .,” instead of “Despite some confusing ballot language . . .,” but some people have a hard time admitting they got fooled.

And you know the voters got fooled. The City’s Chief Financial Officer promised that our taxes would hardly go up if we approved the QoL bonds, and the bond measure’s biggest advocate promised us some economic development, but both of those claims were lies.

My point is that the City can’t be trusted to tell us the truth.

And so I believe that somehow the City is responsible for this misdirection:

A plan was then hatched to merge the main library and cultural center so the Abraham Chavez Theater can conveniently be converted into another sports venue.

The untold backstory here is that the City will tear down the Civic Center to build a soccer stadium.

And of course the City can’t tear down the Civic Center. Conventions are the basket we’ve been putting all our economic development eggs in.

That’s not where our billionaire overlords want to build the soccer stadium.

The hacendados are going to put the soccer stadium over the freeway. Widening the freeway downtown is the first step.

Maybe you haven’t been paying attention. Maybe that’s the purpose of the misdirection. Misdirection is in the City’s playbook. Before they revealed Duranguito as the location of the arena, the let it leak that the arena would be at the railyards.

Or maybe the City is pathological. Maybe they just like lying for lying’s sake.

Maybe they think the citizens can’t be trusted with the truth.

We need to take our city back.


  1. Someone had already shared the op-ed on Facebook, so I had seen it. Your additional comments are, as usual, spot on, Rich. We have been taken for a ride, and if something is not done soon, we won’t be able to get off this damn thing.

  2. my neighbor is a supervisor for Sundt Construction and told me they will assist in building a “cover” or “canopy” of cement and park that will reach from the Campbell Exit on I10 West to the last overpass over I10(el paso street). it will be like the tunnel under Atlanta or Dallas interstates. Says Dan Williams Company will not admit they poured the cement in a shoddy way at the proposed Montecillo and I10 exit north to that new development but the Dan Williams Company will not be allowed to bid on this project. so they are going to widen I10 through downtown through eminent domain and suck up the Pearl Apartments, The Recon Building(mirror looking building) Paso Del Norte Academy bldg, and that Chevron too. and anything else in the way. so they will have to rebuild the trolley overpasses too. so does anyone care. and whats up with the VIctorias Secret ads to the right? i love it.

    1. Resistance is futile.

      That Victoria’s Secret ad is a Google ad tailored for you, based on what they know about you. No wonder you love it.

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