1. Candidate Forum for What It’s Worth

    Dist# 1
    Silverstein is mini-Svarzbein but maybe doesn’t live off of a trust fund.
    Ferris. Left too soon but as a former city attorney means she knows how the shit show works.
    Brian Kennedy is my nominal choice but, again, left too soon.
    DMB. Dist#1 expects candidates to present themselves with some polish, not a Packer jersey or whatever it was she was wearing.

    Dist# 8
    Olivares is the Establishment candidate in your district.   Am I right?  She wants to reprise Vero’s rise to fame by serving the PTB until the moment comes to take the next step to State office.  Well informed. 

    Canales. Nice kid but nice kid. No understanding of internal city processes or why the arena needs to be in Durangito (so Foster can get tax credits on his hotel because it’s 1000 feet from an arena).  

    Morales.  Not a viable candidate.

    Your thoughts? I only wish you had articulated a larger vision than just fiscal austerity, which is needed most of all but will not energize voters, IMHO. Sell ’em some sizzle, not just the beef.

    Good luck on the full moon, Amigo.

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