Battle for the Claw

No, that’s not the new logo of the El Paso High School PTA.

That’s the logo of the Gente Nueva del Tigre drug cartel.

La Gente Nueva are a spin-off of the Jalisco Cartel federation, the organization once headed by the recently incarcerated El Chapo Guzman, among others. Mr. Guzman is currently residing in federal custody in the United States.

La Gente Nueva are accused of bringing down a police helicopter in Guadalajara. It was probably just a misunderstanding.

Apparently La Gente Nueva are a confederation of franchisees, kind of like McDonald’s, or Triple A Baseball. This particular franchise operates out of the city of Cuahtemoc, Chihuahua, where recently a lot of shootouts, running gun battles, and murders of policemen have recently occured.

I lifted that logo of their Facebook page. So yeah, they’ve got a Facebook page. I found out about their Facebook page by reading La Polaka, Periodismo en Caliente.

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