A Chance for a Do-Over

And how often in life do you get a Mulligan?

This was in this week’s El Paso Inc.

It looks like the Great Wolf project for Northwest El Paso is still a go. Executives with the chain of indoor waterparks have been in El Paso recently for meetings. And the city is reworking what’s called the 380 agreement for incentives. It could come before City Council in a few weeks.

Now those champions of fiscal responsibility, Representatives Morgan and Rivera and Mayor Margo, can reverse their previous positions in favor of the $40 million cash giveaway to Great Wolf Lodge.

Mayor Margo can veto it, and maybe Reps. Morgan and Rivera can convince one of their fellow councilmembers to support the Mayor’s veto.

Problem solved!

Unless, that is, they’ve already spent the money they got for approving that deal the first time the Great Wolf Lodge incentives came up for a vote.

(I’m just assuming they got bribed because that’s the only thing that makes sense. In their defense, they might all be idiots.)

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