“Hold The Line”

This from the El Paso Times this morning:

The City Council rejected a utility sales tax on natural gas and electricity that would have been imposed on residential ratepayers after Mayor Dee Margo threatened to veto it Tuesday.

Margo said the decision to stop the utility sales tax was based on community meetings he attended over the weekend.

“Those meetings have reinforced my position and we are listening and I am listening. We are going to hold the line on taxes,” Margo said. “I am also stopping the sales tax on electric and gas utility bills that we passed last week. If council doesn’t see fit to agree with me, I am prepared to veto it.”

Mayor Margo made no mention of the petition to have him recalled for, among other things, reneging on his campaign promise to “hold the line on taxes.”

I’m sure his reversal is just a coincidence.


  1. He meant he’s holding the line aka as a leash that local politicians have on the public. They take us for a walk once in a while to make us happy.

    Continue with a recall. They heard the public now they must feel it.

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