Reasonable People

I think reasonable people will agree that El Paso’s property taxes are too high. El Paso’s property tax rates are among the highest in the nation, and City Council is proposing another rate hike on top of increased property tax valuations that raised many people’s property taxes more than ten percent.

I think reasonable people can agree that for what we’re paying in property taxes, we are getting very little in return. Streets need repaving. Sidewalks are buckling. Police response times are abysmal.

I think reasonable people can agree that El Paso is not reaching it’s economic development potential. Our best and brightest are fleeing the city in search of opportunity. In the last five years, El Paso’s population has only increased by one percent. Over five years.

And I think everyone can agree, that, when what you’re doing isn’t working, you should stop doing what you’ve been doing and try doing something else. Instead, City Council has doubled down on their previous efforts, voting to raise taxes and increase spending in the face of failure.

Vote for reason. Vote for change.

Vote for Rich Wright for District 8 on November 6.

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  1. Mr. Wright, you can rest assured that if I lived in your beloved El Paso, I would vote for you. Oh, wait, this is a Democracy: Yes, I will vote for you even though I am dead and not a citizen of Texas. Send me an absentee ballot. No, really in our short association I have found you to be the candidate of the people, interested in what is best for the citizenry and I support you !! After all, where would we be without our glyphs?

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