“Market Value”

Today the County Commissioners are giving themselves a four percent raise. Here’s how Precinct 4 Commissioner Andrew Haggerty justified the raise to KVIA:

Haggerty told ABC-7 that several years ago, the county human resources department recommended that commissioners make 85 percent of market value.

“We argued that, based on El Paso having a lower cost of living and salary range, that all elected officials would be at a minimum of a 70 percent of market,” Haggerty said.

So every year, all elected officials will get a pay increase so their salary is 70 percent of market value, he explained. However, other county employees are eligible for raises above that.

“As elected officials, we’re the only people that we cap at a 70 percent mark,” Haggerty said. “Our clerks don’t make 70 percent of market. Our attorneys don’t make 70 percent of the market. All of our county employees are either at or exceed market except for the elected officials.”

Market value? That’s a squishy idea.

I reckon Commissioner Haggerty is talking about what other County Commissioners in Texas make. But El Paso is not like the rest of Texas.

In what other job in El Paso County could the commissioners make $93,748.20 a year? What unique skill set do the commissioners have that justifies their salaries?

Much of their jobs is shaking hands and kissing babies. They work hard to get re-elected.

“You don’t look good giving yourself a raise,” said Commissioner Andrew Haggerty, who represents precinct four. “Trust me, if you ask any county commissioner in Texas, they would say, ‘I would love to give that job to someone else.'”

The how about giving that decision to the voters? Put our money where your mouth is, Commissioners.


  1. “Give the job to someone else”? If it’s that bad why keep campaigning for the job? Oh, the Human Resource office decided on their own “our commissioners don’t get paid enough and we’re going to make them vote for a pay raise”?

    Why is it the politicians in this area always remind us that other people in other regions get paid more for the same service? Heck the guy across town gets paid more than I do for the same service. But, I like the work conditions here. So should I demand a raise ? WE seek jobs that meet our plans and if faced with lesser pay. Two choices, take it or go elsewhere.

    By the same token a newcomer seeks employment is told we don’t pay —-state wages, this is El Paso! Employees in other states get paid more for being bi-lingual. So why don’t employees get paid more for speaking Spanish? Using the Haggerty and others logic, they should get paid the same as the person across country.

    The other bs, “you get what you pay for”. If that’s the case we’ve been robbed ! Just look at the failed budgets, projects, lies, indebtness, poor infrastructure, poor management.

  2. When the County did that study for the last pay raise, I looked at the counties they selected. 9 of the 10 counties had higher average income, higher populations, and more revenue. They did the old smoke and mirror magic on us to get that raise. Politicians keep talking about how they’re in office for the good of the community then demand we pay them more. They are public servants and shouldn’t be in it for the money.

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