The Quest for Continuity

Remember? They told us that hiring City Managers for ten years would provide “continuity.” The problem is compounded by our elected officials overlapping four year terms.

So what happens when we’re headed down the wrong path?

In today’s environment, things change fast. We’ve got a city government that handles like the Titanic. And we, the taxpaying passengers, can see the dangers that lie ahead, but we can’t change course because the captain and crew are locked in the captain’s stateroom.

Your city representatives aren’t going to help you. They’re sitting at the captain’s table, feasting on the banquet provided by the iceberg cartel, and I don’t mean iceberg lettuce, unless, by lettuce you think I mean money.

(Wow, that’s really mixing the metaphors.)

The mayor’s not going to help you. He likes the free champagne.

Anyone paying attention can see that there’s trouble ahead, because it’s already here, in the form of increasing city budgets and a stagnant economy and flatlined population growth. Our city reps have promised us increasing taxes for years to come, because, like a gang of junkies, they can’t seem to control their expensive habits.

They told us continuity was a good thing. I guess it could be. But right now it’s not.

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  1. Torpedo’ing the Titanic would be difficult. A mutiny would result in deaths since only the captain and his loyal crew have the guns. Abandoning ship is promising! But the ship has to slow down or be at a stop.

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