Retrovision: About Those Quality of Life Projects

This article originally appeared on 19 April 2018, but let me say it again.

Advocates of the Quality of Life bonds completely misrepresented the facts before the 2012 elections.

They minimized the impact on our tax rates.

They overstated the economic benefit the projects would have for our community.

And they lied about the costs of the individual projects.

And now, when the voters, taxpayers and citizens question the ongoing expense, the advocates say, “The voters approved it.”

What the voters approved has little resemblance to what El Pasoans got, and are getting. But that is of no concern to City Government. The keep steamrolling us, and sending us the bill. There are no apologies and no accountability. All we get is mounting debt and higher taxes and the promise that someday, in the distant future, things will be better.

I can’t wait.

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