El Guero Palma is Almost Free

Héctor Luis “El Guero” Palma Salazar, one of the founders of the Sinaloa Cartel, will be released from U.S. custody today, according to El Diario.

Wikipedia tells us this:

Palma splintered from the [Guadalajara Cartel] which was handed down to [Miguel Ángel “The Godfather” Félix] Gallardo’s nephews in Tijuana, who later formed the Tijuana Cartel (Arellano Félix Organization). Palma, along with a Venezuelan trafficker named Rafael Enrique Clavel, one time boyfriend of his sister Minerva Palma, began operating their own cartel. In 1978, Palma was arrested in Arizona on drug trafficking and sentenced to eight years in a U.S. prison. Upon his release, Palma discovered his wife, Guadalupe Leija Serrano, had run off with Clavel and taken their two kids. Clavel forced Guadalupe to withdraw $7 million USD from a bank account and later decapitated her, shipping her head back to Palma. The two children, Jesús and Nataly, were taken to Venezuela and dropped off a bridge named Puente de la Concordia, on the border with Colombia. Clavel soon afterward went to work for Gallardo in the Tijuana Cartel. In retaliation, Palma executed Gallardo’s lawyer and Clavel’s three children.

You can’t tell the players without a program.

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