“You’re Too Stupid to Understand”

From KVIA’s story about the City’s mounting debt:

“The city is being very responsible with the way we’re issuing debt,” [District 3 Representative Cassandra Hernandez] Brown said. “It is meeting the needs and specifically the strategic plan for the city of El Paso. We have a plan that we are trying to work towards.”

See, we’ve got a “strategic plan.” Don’t worry about it. It looks like we’re just throwing money away with no results, but we’ve got a plan.

If you were to judge the plan empirically, based on observable facts, then you might think that the strategic plan was a failure. Not only are we failing to attract any new business, but we’re even paying the businesses that are already here to stay.

But don’t worry! It’s all part of the plan.

Not a plan for El Paso. A plan for our elected officials to get fat jobs when they’re voted out of office.


  1. She’s been on Council for how long? About five minutes? And, she’s fallen right into line with the same fools who snookered us so completely with the entire tear-down-city-hall,-give-away-the-keys-to-the-city crowd that got us to this sorry pass. Strategic plans generally are designed to produce positive results, aren’t they? This one isn’t.

    1. But she’s got a Masters degree in Public Administration. I reckon that puts her on the fast track to getting snookered.

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