Why did they say Downtown in the first place?

The Axis of Evil and their henchmen today announced that they still want to stick the arena in Union Plaza.

From the El Paso Times:

Paul Braden, an attorney with Norton Rose Fulbright, said the city is under contract with voters to build the arena Downtown because of the way the election ordinance was worded in 2012.

“There are ways to change it in the government code,” Braden said during a presentation to the City Council on Tuesday. “To move it, you are looking at a revote.”

. . .

Any change to [the original bond proposals] could be made only if the City Council orders a new election and voters approve the change. However, a new election can only be called if the arena proposal is abandoned or its original proposal is accomplished by other means and if the bond proceeds have not been spent.

Well, I guess we could build a little Multipurpose and Performing Arts Center in one of the vacant lots those real estate speculators have left us, and then spend the money we saved out at Cohen.

“I think it would be fiscally irresponsible to call another vote,” said city Rep. Claudia Ordaz.

Really? She wants to go there?

City Rep. Dr. Michiel Noe said the public has spoken.

“We do have the responsibility to follow the will of the voters and they did choose this,” Noe said.

City Rep. Emma Acosta said that aside from cost concerns, she doesn’t want El Paso to be seen as an indecisive city.

“I don’t think we want the city to be known as a city that can’t make decisions,” Acosta said, . . .

“But maybe we do. I’m not sure,” she seemed to murmur.

Besides these three members of City Council and two internet trolls, who really wants the arena? And for what?

They’re just making excuses. If they wanted to put the arena at Cohen, they’d find a way.

Those City Representatives are not representatives, or friends, of the people.


  1. Just once, why don’t these jerks ask the public what they really want? Short and simple, without all the words that were used in the original bond issue. I betcha if we had the chance to speak our minds, and if those people would just listen for a change, they could abandon the entire stupid idea.

  2. They really went there? Shows how stupid they think we are. They deliberately wrote an ordinance BEFORE the bond issue was voted on WITHOUT asking voters where it should go. They then wrote the bond so that we voted all or nothing. Now they spend how much again for an outsider to tell them they’d have to have a revote? That’s bs of the highest order and he said what they wanted to have on record. Pretty simple to revoke the original ordinance, then have the revote. And it’s NOT going to cost any 180,000 dollars to do that. Find the petition that El Paso History Alliance and Paso del Sur are passing around, sign it, then vote the rascals out of office this May. Oh, and vote Saucedo for Mayor since he’s the only candidate saying he’s against the arena going into Durangito in any way, shape, or form.

  3. Buy a lawyer that will say what you want him to say? Naaaah, that couldn’t possibly happen. All lawyers are officers of the court and bound by oath to be truthful. Okay, now if you believe all that then please come to South Stanton Street. I have a bridge to sell you.

  4. I am not the only one that has been sold out by my own attorney, sad day for the people of El Paso,Texas…

  5. I’m confused. Shouldn’t Emma Acosta be afraid that El Paso would be known for being inarticulate? We can get to indecisive later.

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