Who Is Behind the Prop K Propaganda?

We the people are supposed to know who is financing election high jinks. There are laws for that.

Unfortunately, the people who enforce the laws are often in cahoots with the offenders.

Campaign treasurers are supposed to file a report 30 days before an election detailing who has contributed to their campaign, and how they have spent their money. The election is May 6, 2023. 30 days before May 6 is March 27.

The El Pasoans for Prosperity pack is campaigning against Proposition K, the Climate Charter Amendment. The Campaign Treasurer for El Pasoans for Prosperity PAC is Claudia Rosales. Claudia Rosales is the El Paso Chamber’s Member Retention & Experience Director, according to the Chamber’s website, or the Chamber’s Director of Programs & Community Outreach, according to her LinkedIn page. Either way, she works for the Chamber. The PAC’s address is the same as the Chamber’s, according to PAC’s appointment of Campaign Treasurer.

The PAC’s 30 Day Report hasn’t yet been filed, according to the City Clerk’s web page. That report is already two weeks late.

Do they have something to hide?

Inquiring minds, and all that.

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