White Power?

Please read this article on the DailyKos.

Unless the pictures are Photoshopped, it sure looks like some of our president’s confidantes are throwing White Power signs in photographs in the international media.

(You know that guy in today’s header picture is throwing the 2-1 of the Barrio Azteca.)

That the president’s advisor is throwing White Power signs bothers me, and I’m not that easily bothered.


  1. Oh come on. This ranks right up there with the anti-Obama videos showing him making the Muslim sign (holding up one index finger) to world Muslim leaders.

    1. You think so? I think this White Power sign is not nearly as ambiguous as a raised index finger.

  2. You can follow anyone with two hands around with a video and their hands will go through any number of configurations in a matter of minutes. “He just gave someone the finger.” Or “Isn’t that a gang sign?” In this case it looks to me like he was straightening his tie and fastening a coat jacket button. I advised my right-wing friends who believe Obama gave the “Alah is the One God” to Muslim leaders: Get real and focus on issues that are truthful and matter. You discredit your cause when you make stuff up or send along stuff someone else made up. And that is the advice I would give you. I like your blog and the ideas you present, often with humor and irony. But passing along caca like this discredits your blog.

  3. Show me Trump saying that either on video or text… can’t be done because he NEVER said it. If you’re gonna smear the guy at least present actual facts.

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