The Arena: Issue Fatigue

They stopped arguing. They’re just going to do it.

They thought they could persuade us. Or, at least, present a sympathetic case.

It’s hard to present a sympathetic case for kicking people out of their homes for a place to watch concerts.

And D-League basketball. (Hello, MountainStar!)

But I guess they figure that we’ll get tired of kicking them if they won’t fight back.

I’ll probably still kick ’em. What, our elected “representatives” are going to pretend that they’re pencil-pushing bureaucrats with no say in the matter? That they didn’t choose?

I don’t hear anyone clamoring for the arena. Whoever’s clamoring must be clamoring in whispers. (Hello, MountainStar!)

You know what’s wrong with politics in El Paso?

There’s too much fucking and not enough kissing.


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