Where’s Susie?

From this week’s El Paso Inc.:

The woman who has led El Paso’s PBS TV station for six years has a new job. Emily Martin Loya is now district director for U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar, running the Democratic congresswoman’s El Paso office working from home. Loya is replacing Susie Byrd.

So where’s Susie? What’s next for Ms. Byrd? The word on the street is that there’s no word on the street.

You can start speculating now.


  1. Stone Lazuli….Beauty is in the eye of the beholder……I find an intelligent woman very attractive. I equate Intelligence with Sexiness……But, if you want, go over to the Red Parrot or even Juarez. The taxi cab drivers know where are the viejas are….Since Mariscal St. is “closed for business.”

  2. Incredible! I Bow down to Mr. (Lapis) Lazuli. He must be one of the “Oldtimers,” creeping along in a Canary yellow taxi with a red roof, parked along Avenida Juarez…..all I can say is my Armenian Grandfather owned Curley’s Club on Avenida Juarez and his fellow Armenian “brother in arms” owned Tommy’s Rendevouz….squeezed in between Avenida Juarez and Mariscal. Owned, by the Sookiasian’s. The “REAL” home of the Margarita…invented by Pancho Morales, as chronicled by Texas Monthly in 1974….. As much as I love and admire the Kentucky, it wasn’t invented there…….a shout out to the Burciaga Familia, and Tony Burciaga. R.I.P.

    1. Sometime I look at that Burciaga Hotel, on Avenida Ugarte, and I wonder about those Burciagas. I remember they played a role in the revolution, but I forget what, exactly. One of Carranza’s generals maybe? I’ll have to look it up.

  3. I think it was another Burciaga family…..the ones I refer to came from very humble beginnings, but one of them was Tony Burciaga, who founded Culture Clash then worked at Stanford, eventually becoming head of Latino Studies at Stanford….however their Uncle Pancho Morales…..who, along with his invention, the Margarita, “ invented” the Conga Cooler. He drove a truck for Prices Creamery for 21 years. Texas Monthly, 1974.

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