Where are the Covid Cases Coming from?

Health officials are reporting hundreds of new cases every day.

So where are they coming from, generally? State law prohibits the public shaming of pandemic hot spots.

Workplaces? Restaurants? Coffee shops?

Everywhere I go, people are wearing masks and maintaining their distance. Admittedly, I don’t go very many places. Grocery and liquor stores, mostly.

Are the people who are catching the Covid mask scoffers?

(Remember, a dry scoff is a sign that you may have caught the Covid.)

And how about that law that the local government can’t report the names of places that might be spreading the Covid? Does it have to be a pandemic for that law to kick in? Because the City named the fast-food joints where that girl who had Typhoid worked. They put the dagger in the heart of that restaurant on Mesa that sold a bad oyster. That was all more than twenty years ago.

Of course, that was all probably before our current law was in effect. But wouldn’t you want to know if that restaurant you frequent was spreading Covid?


  1. all good questions, Rich. One reason for difference from 20 years back on naming the problematic places: leadership, namely Margo and allies on city council. 🙁

  2. As I understand it state law allows sites with multiple cases of COVID to be identified, but does not require it. Our esteemed City attorney insists that state law prohibits such information, despite the numerous Texas cities that do provide it. One can only assume that the owners of the establishments that might be identified have enough power with the mayor and his accolytes to insist on anonymity.

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