What’s Wrong With El Paso

That’s not a question. Or maybe it is.

Look at this story in the El Paso Times:

For Pete Faraone, a run for office was never in the cards. But as the filing deadline neared to run for the Precinct 1 seat on the El Paso County Commissioners Court, he decided to make a move.

“I was concerned about the lack of qualified candidates in the race,” Faraone said. “I just really believe the people, they deserve to have a choice in this election, that’s a big reason I got in.”

Let me explain.

As the deadline to register to run for the Democrat nomination for the Precinct 1 seat neared, there was only one candidate on the ballot, longtime Precinct 1 staffer Jackie Arroyo Butler.

Traditionally in El Paso, winning the Democrat nomination was tantamount to winning the election. For a long time most El Pasoans hit the straight ticket button in the General Election, voting for every Democrat on the ballot. In 2020, Texas abolished straight ticket voting, but having that D next to your name still carries a lot of weight with the voters. They’re hypnotized.

The General Election wasn’t really an election. It was more a coronation.

The Democrat primary is virtually the real election.

And up until the filing deadline there was only one candidate for the Precinct 1 County Commissioners Court.

Can you imagine?

The “job”, if you can call it that, pays $133,500 a year, and it’s hard to tell what the duties entail besides showing up every Monday for a half day’s kibitzing.

And there was only one citizen applying?

What’s wrong with El Paso?

Are the citizens that apathetic?

Isn’t there some lawyer who lives in District 1 who wants to semi-retire and also get a Sheriff’s Deputy to wash his car?

Apparently not.

It’s too late now. If you want to board the gravy train you’ll have to wait four years and run against an incumbent.


  1. Why didn’t you throw your hat in the ring? I take it you don’t live in Precinct 1? Your voice would’ve been needed!

  2. Rich, you probably already know this, but here is a reminder for your readers. El Paso has experienced a tremendous amount of “Brain Drain” over the years so what, or who is left, are people who: Are retired and want to enjoy Life. Older uneducated people who prefer to spend their time watching the Dallas Cowboys. Younger people too busy working and raising a family to run for politics. Or, people who view Politics as a dirty profession. Finally, people who loathe El Paso but continue to live here.

  3. Wrong part of the Rio Grande….”Driving my car through the ruins of Santa Fe…All of the “ruins” in Santa Fe are pretty expensive…$362 per square foot, with an average house being $830,000….Kern Place is $228 and $423K average house….

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