Dumpster du Jour

This dumpster is on Cliff, between Ochoa and Florence.

El Paso Disposal has been better lately. They’ve been emptying the dumpsters twice a week. I guess they don’t have enough of the larger dumpsters to replace the dumpsters they’ve been using.

This is emblematic of the larger problem. El Paso’s business interests have been screwing El Pasoans for so long that effecting change in the short term is difficult.

Commercial traffic on the Bridge of the Americas is another example of this issue. Businesses in Juarez have grown up around the traffic flow, and now it would be hard for them to relocate to other sites.

El Pasoans have been conditioned to endure this mistreatment. We’re used to having litter on the streets and toxic gases in the air we breath.

But at least now some people are voicing their discontent.

You’re welcome.

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