What’s Next? After Voters Reject Albuquerque Soccer Stadium Bond

From Albuquerque’s channel 13, KRQE.com:

After voters soundly rejected the idea of a publicly financed soccer stadium, New Mexico United says they are giving up on building downtown but they’re keeping an open mind on some of the more affordable strategies other teams have taken.

In the meantime, they hope to keep playing at Isotopes Park. “We’ll go find another plan,” New Mexico United Owner Peter Trevisani explained.

The $50 million bond for a new soccer stadium was overwhelmingly shot down by Albuquerque voters on Tuesday. “I’m glad that it’s not going to be built,” voter Carlos Hernandez said. “I just feel like the money could be put to better use. I don’t feel like we really need a stadium that big at least.”

. . .

KRQE News 13 asked if that path could mean considering the routes other USL teams have taken with their facilities. Of the 31 teams in the league, a half dozen play in baseball stadiums like New Mexico United does.

Thirteen teams play in high school or college stadiums, and a dozen have soccer-specific stadiums. Most of them are fairly bare-bones in the $10 to $20 million range. Only a few USL teams have high-end soccer-specific stadiums like New Mexico United wanted.

El Pasoans should be so lucky.

A $50 million stadium in Albuquerque would probably cost $125 million here.

Remember, they’re widening the freeway in Downtown El Paso so MountainStar Sports Group has someplace to put their soccer stadium.


  1. I wonder if the local oligarchy there put on the full-court press like they did here to get the issue passed? Of course we really didn’t have a Yes/No choice, just a choice of financing.

    1. No oligarchy runs city government like our oligarchy runs our city government. Welcome to Rancho El Chuco.

      1. And I posted some notes here that I took a few years ago about the ways we are colonized and two responders freaked out. People don’t want to believe it is real – this is a colony and we are the colonized. I’m no Marxist but I see what I see and call it what it is.

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