What’s My Point?

Since 2012, El Paso’s population has only grown by 4,723.

El Paso has the third highest property tax rates in the country.

El Paso has the most per capita municipal debt of any city in Texas.

The ballpark costs the taxpayers close to a million dollars every year.

Electric rates are going up.

Natural gas rates are going up.

Water rates are going up.

I think any objective observer would say these are the hallmarks of a failed policy agenda.

However, our politicians and the people pulling their levers refuse to admit it.

Why? Because they’re the ones who got us into this mess.

And why don’t the voters insist they clean up their mess?

Because the voters aren’t informed.

It’s like cancer. Nobody likes to talk about it. But denial is not a cure.

Now they want to build $180 million dollar downtown arena. And they don’t want to wait seven years, like the original plan. They want to build it now.

Before we find out we have cancer.

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  1. Way back when the typical brain-dead El Pasoan voted for a City Manager, that’s when l realized that the people in this town are even dumber then l previously thought. That explains why they vote the way they vote.

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