What’s Going on With Lost Dog?

Today the El Paso City Council had a meeting to discuss their response to the Lost Dog election.

Early voting started yesterday. City Council had a Special Meeting last week to discuss Lost Dog. Today for some reason known only to the bureaucrats at City Hall, the City decided to address the question of TIRZ 12.

I thought the TIRZ 12 question was moot. It looked like the City wanted to trade the TIRZ 12 land to Paul Foster for his 44 acres on the freeway, but then balked when TIRZ 12 got tied up in the will of the people. The City gave Mr. Foster 2,313 acres adjacent to the golf course in Northeast El Paso (TIRZ 13) instead.

It looked like the City thought TIRZ 12 was moot, too, because the City didn’t even think the matter warranted discussion till last week. And this week they decided they needed to campaign educate the public on the subject. City Council voted to allow staff to campaign educate the public as long as they didn’t spend any money on it. Apparently that’s no cost to the City because city staff has plenty of time on their hands, or the work they’re doing isn’t important.

Here’s my WAG.

The Lost Dog folks’ petition mentioned eliminating TIRZ 10, also, but TIRZ 10 didn’t make it onto the ballot. TIRZ 10 is the Great Wolf TIRZ.

Maybe, just maybe, Great Wolf decided not to build a water park hotel over there on TIRZ 10. Their six months for due diligence and consideration is just about up. Maybe the Great Wolf people didn’t like the odor of corruption that hung on that deal like a three dollar suit. So, when Great Wolf backed out and TIRZ 10 was no longer in play, the City decided they should try to salvage their plans for TIRZ 12.

Ha! That train already left the station, and the City is chasing after it with their suitcases in hand, like a snake oil salesman that got run out of town.

The City of El Paso is poorly managed. We have among the highest property tax rates in the country. We have among the highest electric rates in the state. Since 2012, the year that the Quality of LIfe bond propositions passed, our population has grown by less than one percent.

Less than one percent. Over six years.

Our taxes are so high because our city leaders ran all the taxpayers out of town, and double-downed on our spending.

Our city leaders are bullies and bullshitters.

We deserve better, but we’re not going to get it till we demand it.


  1. Your question basically answers itself. The Lost Dog is pretty much lost. And, yes, this City is very poorly managed, despite having a “City Manager.” Ironic, ain’t it?

  2. Well, look on the “bright” side: lt looks like we’re finally going to get some population growth after all. lt appears that they’re going to build some processing centers so we can hold an influx of low job-skilled, low literate, lower intelligent people. What this means is that in this town, these illegal aliens should feel right at home.

    1. Oh, please do not bring your ignorant rants over here, too! If you knew anything at all, you’d know that a major reason El Paso does not grow is because it is just a stop along the way for those immigrants who manage to enter the country legally. Just because a person seeks asylum does not mean they will be granted asylum, you know (or, based on your silly comments, perhaps you do not). And, even if they are completely processed and accepted here or in Laredo or wherever does not mean that they will choose to remain here! I’d say, based also on your comments, that they would feel right at home here due to people like you.

  3. ln the first place, old fool, this isn’t your blog so don’t tell me what to do. You come across as a ego maniacal, bitter, ignorant (very ignorant) self-absorbed pile of one dimensional crap which is why (true story) l stopped reading your putrid blog centuries ago. The last time l skimmed over it, you said something about how Trump is a fascist and that’s when l decided that l had enough of your delusional wackaloon-ness. Hey Rich, did you know that we were wrong about El Paso’s zero population growth concerns? Yeah, we thought it had to do with high taxes, high fees, high debt, secretive meetings, and an inadequate amount of time to speak with Council. But according to this crackpot, it’s because once these immigrants become legal, they then just skedaddle on outta here. BTW- screwball, all of your other assumptions in the rest of your comment are also wrong. Hey Dungan, l know you recently mentioned that you would like to move but it’s too costly for you to do so. Based on your personality, l feel confident that l could pass the hat around and there would be plenty of people to help make your dream come true…..because it would be everyone else’s dream even more so.

  4. Oh, my. “Who was that masked man?” Never mind, he prefers to remain “anónimo,” for reasons of “cobardía.” Troll much, whoever you are? IMHO, if one does not have the courage of one’s convictions (however misguided) one would be much better off keeping one’s opinions to one’s self. At the end of the day, however, since ad hominem attacks are so much your style, I guess you might just go on in that fashion. I may be bitter or even angry, but at least I can articulate my anger without resorting to your infantile name calling, or hiding behind a made up name. You, sir or madam, are still a coward, and I think you have let us all know the true value of your misbegotten opinions.

    1. Well, it appears that the mentally deranged egomaniac still hasn’t learned a darn thing. Even though you’re not big on facts, research and reality, (which explains why you would rather insult people instead of explaining your position on certain topics) at least you do an excellent job of insulting people. ln fact you throw out childish insults a lot more than any one else in the blogasphere. And given that fact, this truly does make you the ‘King of Cowards.” Now lets put Dungan’s wacky, nutty version of”logic” to use: Me – l believe that 2 plus 2 = 4. Dungan – well, you’re not using your real name which means that you’re silly opinion is wrong and l’m right, because l’m Johnny the Great! No, you’re just a pathetic, sick person who needs some psychological counseling, but l doubt that you’ll get it. But l’m going to push you in the right direction by saying that your latest attack on me describes yourself 10x over.

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