Cissy, Puhleeze

An alert reader forwarded me the latest update from District 8 Representative Cissy Lizarraga.

Serving the public is not easy; not everyone wants the same things, and even those who do have different ideas about how to achieve our goals. That said, I am proud of what we have accomplished so far in El Paso, and I hope that you understand that we all (including the City Council, the City Manager, municipal employees, and everyone else who lives, works, or plays in El Paso) just want what is best for our beautiful city.

This is the picture that accompanied the newsletter:

That’s right. To illustrate her accomplishments, Representative Lizarraga used a picture of the streetcar. The streetcar that has already cost the taxpayer a million dollars in operating cost with no return.

God bless you, Cissy. You voted to approve an El Paso Electric Company rate change that charges customers with rooftop solar a $30 minimum. You missed the meeting at which 25% of the El Paso Electric Company’s customer tax rebate was redirected to the City.

Here’s a screenshot of your 2016 campaign page:

Geez, Cissy, with all due respect, you bullshitted us there. Those are the first three issues you put on your campaign webpage in 2016, and you haven’t kept a single one of those promises.

I bet you thought we wouldn’t notice.

You voted to cram the Mexican American Cultural Center into the downtown library. You voted to offer Great Wolf Resorts $40 million dollars to open a water park hotel here, that practically no one, except the City Manager’s family, will use. On top of that, you voted to sell Great Wolf Resorts that 44 acres on the freeway for $10,000, after we traded 2,313 acres adjacent to the golf course in Northeast El Paso for that same 44 acres.


The City’s deeper in debt, and taxpayers are on the hook for higher property taxes every year, and our collective quality of life has not improved.

Yet you are proud of your accomplishments.

I suggest you raise your standards.

I’d offer you a trophy for participation, except I’m afraid you’d think you earned it.


  1. She’s such a typical El Paso City Rep, isn’t she? Promise the voters that you’re just like us, and then get on Council to be just like them. Actually, that photo op in front of an empty trolley is very apropos, innit?

    1. Same thing every year promises promises and our property taxes keep going up, no more local votes for me

  2. So much corruption in our City Government. Taxing tax payers so much that our senior citizens either lose their homes or have to continue to work to pay their taxes; and also young home owners having to do the same thing.

  3. It is terribly disappointing that this woman was actually re-elected. El Paso deserves so much better.

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