What The . . . ?

A UFO? Definitely. A flying saucer? Perhaps.

Check out the picture that an avid reader (okay, actually the friend of an occasional reader) sent to the ultra-secure secret world headquarters of El Chuqueño. Via email.

She (the friend) took the picture of these Unidentified Flying Objects over the Franklins, from the back porch of her house on the westside.

Maybe it’s a military mother drone, and all the neighboring flying things are baby drones.

Or maybe it’s a cluster of mylar balloons, and those smaller triangles are balloons that have busted loose.

Remember, Pearl Harbor was an inside job.


  1. Earth creatures, my name is Xyz277-33mji1279??klp1 but you may call me Xyz277-33mji1279??klp for short. We come from the planet Crouton all the way from the Creamy Ranch galaxy. We momentarily uncloaked our star ships to get a more accurate reading from our sensors on the level of intelligence that you creatures possess. What we found was disturbing: Apparently, many of you believe that if you don’t purchase ANYTHING and EVERYTHING even if you can’t afford it, then you must hate “progress.” During the 798 trillion light years that we Croutonians have mastered interstellar space travel, have we ever encountered such an illogical species. We were going to show you Earthlings how to: cure cancer, create free energy, mastering the space/time continuum, and most importantly, how to improve the food at what you call Chico’s Tacos, but we’ve just decided that your not worthy. Don’t worry, we’ll return to see if you’ve made any progress in approximately 952 million years from now – plus or minus a nano second.

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