Hope In One Hand . . .

Here’s an article a reader alerted me to, which pretty much sums up the City’s position:

Hope is a psychological bridge that allows us to justify embracing the Holy Trinity of Decline: growth projections, subsidies, and debt.

We hope new growth will provide more revenue. Our desperation—although we would rather call it “commitment”—is such that we’re prepared to subsidize that growth into existence, if need be. And when all else fails, we can handle this cash shortfall, which we hope is temporary given that we’re investing in growth, by taking on debt.

We are betting on growth that’s not coming. You’d think out city leaders would have figured that out by now.

Read the whole article from StrongTowns.org here.


  1. I have long been puzzled by this incessant cry for growth in just about every town or city I’ve ever been! On the one hand, as population grows, a town or city just about has to grow. But, on the other hand, what’s so damn good about getting bigger?! Remember when we were kids and we wanted to be bigger, older, freer? So, if growth is all that damn good, why do so many adults want to be kids again, or worse, why do so many adults act like kids?! Just wondering.

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