Vote for David Stout

El Chuqueño doesn’t endorse political candidates. I’ve had my heart broken too many times.

But this time I’m making an exception.

David Stout is the guy that will stand up for the community. He has a real world vision for real El Pasoans.

His opponent is supported by the police union.

You know who else the police union supports? Officer Jose Flores, who shot the handcuffed prisoner Danny Saenz in the sallyport of the El Paso County Jail.

You know who else? Officer Mando Kenneth Gomez, who shot Erick Emanuel Salas Sanchez in the back. In his own living room. In front of his grandmother.

Those police officers are still on the force, because of support from the police union.

Sure, there are always a few bad apples. But one bad apple spoils the barrel.

Are people in the police union the kind of people you want picking your representative?

But the police union votes. The police union is the reason that $413 million Public Safety Bond passed in 2019.

Today is the last day to vote in the primary election.

If you want representation on the County Commissioners Court, you have to vote for representatives.

And David Stout represents.

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