Unqualified Doctors at El Paso Children’s Hospital?

ElPasoPolitics.com reports on some of the shenanigans going on at the El Paso Children’s Hospital:

Thomas Mayes is a pediatric physician with extensive experience, and more importantly, was at the center of the contracting of Roberto Canales by the children’s hospital. Mayes was the medical official in charge of determining whether a physician should be allowed to practice medicine at the hospital. It was Mayes’ job to ensure that Canales is qualified to deliver medical services at the children’s hospital.

Not only did Mayes explain in his affidavit that hospital officials bypassed his official determination that Roberto Canales “was unqualified to practice pediatric critical care medicine” at children’s but that Canales “presents a real danger to his patients and should be removed from the practice of medicine.”

The motive for bringing Canales on board was so that Canales “would continue to generate significant patient volume and revenue” for the children’s hospital.

The allegations came to light as part of the ongoing lawsuit brought by David Saucedo against the hospital following the death of his daughter at the hospital. The lawsuit claims that Mr. Saucedo’s daughter Ivanna was not treated at the El Paso Children’s Hospital because Dr. Canales was not present.

You can read about the lawsuit at MedPageToday.com.


  1. This unqualified physician at the El Paso Children’s Hospital has terminated care for a patient because the child’s mother asked for a second opinion. What is that about? Those Hospital was created to meet the needs of the children in this community. Why does one individual determine who gets served and who doesn’t? Why aren’t more people voicing dissatisfaction?

  2. What is the biggest issue facing the county commissioners?

    Listen to the candidate’s answers on the various blogs. Clowns, all of them.

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