This post has bad words.

If you’re easily offended by bad language, you should go somewhere else.

Here’s a lesson for our the County Commissioners Court, the Chamber of Commerce, the Greater El Paso Association of Realtors, our grand philanthropists, and PR flacks and students everywhere.

“You can build a hundred bridges, and no one will ever call you a bridge builder. But you fuck one goat, and you’re a goat fucker for the rest of your life.”

(Notice I didn’t include the members of City Council in that list of potential lesson-learners, because they ruined their reputations a long time ago.)

MountainStar learned that (sort of) when they induced City Council to buy them a ballpark. That’s why they’re staying behind the curtain on the arena.

Lemme tell you a secret. Nobody wants that arena. No one, save for a few delusional drones, imagines that the arena is worth the cost. Not the political cost, nor the financial cost. But the people who can make the decisions, our elected officials and staff, are captive to their ambitions. They imagine themselves walking the hallowed halls of government, and putting their kids through the Ivy Leagues, and sitting at the table with the power brokers, even though the power brokers badmouth them as soon as they leave the room.

It’s not like any one of our elected officials could quit their jobs in government and get a good job in the private sector. Except working for the people who owe them for their political decisions.


  1. Used to be an insult to call ’em goat ropers, but I think goat fuckers works better. At least for me. Indeed, I do not believe anyone wants that fuckin’ arena, except them goat fuckers.

  2. In the last few years, City Council chased off the railroads, blew up City Hall, saddled the Citizens with debt so that the super rich could have a field for their white elephant/tax deduction. Hard to top that stuff, but Escobar, et al, wanna be the 2nd coming of Joyce Wilson. SIN FIN.

  3. IT WASN’T MY FAULT!!! It happened one pleasant evening, after hours at the petting zoo. Elrichiboy brought some whiskey and told me that l have nice hooves. Well, needless to say, we did “it” “goat-style.” (doggy-style, except the person behind holds on to both horns) After he was done, he gave me a quick kiss, jumped into his car and sped off. Not even a moment’s worth of cuddling – typical man. But the worst part of it is, is that a moment later l realized that elrichiboy had goat’s breath…..HE’S BEEN SEEING OTHER GOATS!!! (sigh)

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