The View From the Top

Lookie here.

I took that photo from in front of the main gate, on Santa Fe, of the ballpark.

See that balcony on the southwest corner of the WestStar Tower at Hunt Plaza?

I reckon you can see the whole diamond from up there.

Well, not you. I mean they. I reckon they can see the whole diamond from up there.

They won’t even have to go to the ballpark anymore. They can watch the games from that balcony.

They won’t have to risk rubbing shoulders with the great unwashed from up there. They won’t have to risk bumping into anyone who won’t kiss their ass. They can drive right into the parking lot (half that building is parking lot), take the elevator up to their offices, and sit out on their balcony.

They can bring their own burritos instead of shelling out $8 for a hot dog. Drink a quart of Mickey’s instead of an $8 Budweiser. And if they get too drunk to drive home, they can sleep on the couch in their office.

I don’t begrudge them their money. I just wonder why, if they’re so rich, they have to keep asking the taxpayers for money for their hobby businesses.

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  1. I keep wondering why the Westar Building construction was considered essential when they closed the city down last year. Also wonder why the “fantastic” water park at Cohen was considered essential. Oh wait, I know the answer. Our city council are money hungry asses beholding to Foster, Hunt, and the rest of that cabal (the contrived schemes of a group of persons secretly united in a plot).

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