The Teflon Donna

You read that the effort to recall District 3 Representative Cassandra Hernandez failed to get the 4,000+ signatures it would take to pass.

She got caught with her hand in the cookie jar up to her elbow. When an audit showed that she let her hubby use her City gas card, she coughed up a repayment right away.

No, “Oops”. It was more like “I never thought I’d get caught”.

And she probably wouldn’t have been caught if City Manager Tommy Gonzalez, the fox who was guarding the chicken coop, hadn’t been fired.

The voters of District 3 must have thought that a little larceny was okay, given their experiences with previous City Representatives.

Representative Hernandez has already been elected to District 3 three times, twice in General Elections, and once in a Special Election after she accidentally triggered the Resign to Run clause of the Texas Constitution.

Is Cassandra Hernandez the Marion Barry of El Paso politics? The Rob Ford?

Not like pilfering a few thousand dollars of taxpayer money is the moral equivalent of smoking crack.

Politics is a funny game.


  1. Rich, I usually agree with your comments. However, I need to point out a few facts that you forgot to mention. Irene Armendariz Jackson’s efforts were doomed to fail in the first place. People who know her, know that she is an Extremely Staunch supporter of Donald Trump. I don’t need to get into all of the comments Trump has made denigrating Mexicans or Mexican Americans. They are out there for everyone to look up. But Latinas who support Trump will not get much of a following. And, as I recall, Trump still owes the city of El Paso $500,000 for his “rally” in El Paso. In addition, she has been a Q Anon supporter…which speaks for itself. She is married to an Anglo Border Patrol agent, which is nothing wrong in itself. But, considering the Hispanic demographics and how “La Migra” is viewed, it is not a very popular view. Even Carlos Santana wrote a song, “Migra,” which describes how he feels about “La Migra.” Look up the lyrics for yourself. Not all Border Patrol agents are bad people, but the rotten apples spoil the barrels….like the ones who purposely slash water jugs left for undocumented immigrants, in one stretch alone, 415 DIFFERENT times. Or, their “Unofficial” Facebook page, numbering 9,500 former or present members; where among, other things, they denigrated Latina lawmakers, calling them “Hoes” and “Scumbuckets.” Posting altered images of AOC having oral sex. There are too many to post here, but I encourage all of your readers to look this page up. Or where Border Patrol members referred to these immigrants as “guats, shitbags, and sub human beings.” On top of that, Irene Armendariz Jackson, while running against Veronica Escobar, posted altered videos of Escobar with a Pinocchio Nose…accompanied by the song, “La Cucaracha.” (The Cockroach). So, yeah, no big surprise that she didn’t collect enough signatures. Consider who led the charge. Maybe a start would be having her ask Donald Trump for that $500,000 he still owes the hardworking taxpayers of El Paso. That would be more than pay for Gassandra Hernandez’ $6,000 gasoline charges. P.S. Your readers should know that I contributed $500 in your last run for City Council, and was really rooting for you so this isn’t a personal attack on you. Just stating the facts about Irene Armendariz Jackson. And, starting with my Armenian grandfather, a Genocide survivor, have been in El Paso since 1910.

  2. Part 2: The more I know about this woman, the LESS I like. Irene Armendariz Jackson proudly hosted Attorney General Ken Paxton at her home as well as being his “Point Woman” for El Paso. Posted on Twitter, “We will remember EVERY Republican who betrays our trust and votes for the impeachment of Ken Paxton. We will make sure these are your last days in office. You will be Primaried out. Every single last one of you.” I suggest your readers Google Paxton and his corruption. She’s a Huuuge supporter of both Trump and Kari Lake…both being Election 2020 deniers. Saying the election was “corrupt, rotten and rigged.” Called “El Paso Strong,” a Joke and the movement as “Demonic.” Is Extremely Anti LGBT, thinks that Homosexuals are an “Abomination,” does not believe that a woman should have a choice over her own body, regarding abortion. NO exceptions for abortions, including rape and incest. Proclaimed that “science does NOT support climate change….it was all made up by Al Gore.” Doesn’t believe in renewable resources, such as solar and wind power. In the July 2020 issue of Texas Monthly, proclaimed that the Democratic party is “a Deep State conspiracy, very intertwined with the Satanic church and the bodies of aborted babies are used to promote Satanic worship.” She also described once driving BY a condemned building in Omaha, where politicians and celebrities had sex with children. Her words not mine. She is/was a frequent guest on Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon. Thinks Planned Parenthood should be abolished because they provide abortions. I guess she doesn’t realize that only 3% of PP’s budget are due to abortions. The rest is for STD testing, contraception, cancer screening and prevention. Has posted on Twitter George Soros as Janet Yellen. Racist much? Has been suspended before but reinstated by both Twitter and Facebook. .In a now deleted post said that founding fathers were ALL ministers?! And that our Constitution is based on the Bible. That we were founded as a Christian Country. Basically posts on Twitter EVERY day how Biden is Bad. Democrats are Bad. Being a Liberal is Bad. Biden needs to be impeached. Trump is Good. The GOP is Good. Ken Paxton is Good. Illegals are flooding our country and her parents, who are both from Mexico came here “legally”. With her leading the charge, no wonder the recall failed. Plus, from a taxpayer viewpoint, a special election, per the EP Times would cost $275,000 and for what? 12 months of whoever would fill Cassandra Hernandez’ seat? Hernandez is being termed out and her “brand” is tainted. $275,000 over a $6,000 gas card? And, as I have stated before, NO mention of her about Trump still owing El Paso $500,000…..

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