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  1. “Gathered THOUSANDS of signatures”?….she only needed 4,000 thousand….plus, given her background, and how she’s gotten her ass kicked in against Veronica Escobar, why am I not surprised? Her statement reeks of hypocrisy…..the same woman who proclaimed “El Paso Strong” as a Joke and a Demonic force? In Spanish she is called a “cangreja.” Someone who climbs to the “top” then pulls the ladder up. Her Twitter posts are larded with “Illegals”…..She blames Michael Apodaca, County Chair of the El Paso Democratic Party, as her major cause for losing. Apodaca is openly Gay. One only has to look at her Homophobic statements to realize where she is coming from. Anti LGBT. Good riddance, and although I detest Councilwoman Hernandez’ abuse of her gas card privileges, I find Armendariz-Jackson MORE disgusting.

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