The Slippery Slope

If you’re a politician, you probably want to do what’s right.

Unless you’re a callow, power-hungry, self-serving sociopath who’s crazed for power.

But let’s reject that possibility for the time being and pretend you want to do what’s right.

Then what’s right?

There are arguments for and against every issue, and a morass of studies to support every position, or no studies at all, or just one study, commissioned by the advocates of a certain position, with dubious but predictable results.

How do you decide where the truth lies?

The path taken by many politicians is this: When in doubt, go with the money.

Who’s paying you? Who’s making campaign contributions? If the future is unknown, and maybe even unknowable, then you might as well buy a new car, or send your son to an Ivy League.

You can always justify the results with “How was I to know?” And “I meant well.”

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