The Shame of the City

Today is trash day in my neighborhood Barrio Heights.

Last night, as I was falling to sleep, I realized that I hadn’t drug the bins down to the curb. I got dressed and wheeled the gray and blue containers down to the curb.

I caught six and a half hours. Not bad.

This morning the trashmen came. They emptied the contents of the gray bin into the blue bin, and the blue bin into the truck.

That’s right. Barrio Heights does not have a recycling program.

Like street repairs and other luxury services, recycling has fallen under the axe.

It makes you wonder what other almost invisible city services have quietly disappeared.

We’ll always have Paris.


  1. Meanwhile, consider the [very short] lengths to which this city has gone to push the recycling of glass. You have to take your empty and clean glass containers to one of five “CITIZEN COLLECTION STATIONS,” and they will accept them (if you have prove of your address with you) so that they can break them, grind them up, and then reissue the broken glass to you for yard decor! Their web site has more info:

    1. Hey John,

      I’ve been a habitue of those collection stations, and from my experience they’ll let you drop off glass and pick up mulch without a Driver’s License and a water bill.

      I love you, man.


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