The Rest of the World is Laughing at Us

Remember when we got that Whole Foods? How everyone was some people were excited about it?

Leave it to El Pasoans to be living lightyears behind the curve. From the Guardian:

“I love the sushi, but I wouldn’t shop here except maybe for a special ingredient,” said Argentinian software designer Benjamin Vinas. “People say Whole Foods is for pretentious people, and I can see why. It’s too expensive. I don’t have the budget.”

Moi? Well, not moi. More like toi.

El Paso used to be a cool place without pretentious people. But the pretentious people didn’t like that, so we had to change, or at least pretend to change.

Or, like comedian Jim Gaffigan joked on Twitter, “Whole Foods on Sunday is just a refugee camp for people with too much money.”

Whole Foods is a place where you can go pay restaurant prices to eat at home.

That’s cool. I like eating at home.

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  1. I was going to agree but now I”m feeling sorry for Whole Foods. There was a Whole Foods near me when I lived in California. We called it No Foods because you couldn’t get half the stuff on your list at that store. I will add that if you want fish, and not the frozen stuff from China, Whole Foods is the only place that has it. And where else can you get pheasant? No, I still don’t shop there much because in El Paso those who shop there shop to be seen. Pitiful. Nevertheless, I’m glad it’s there for the few times a year I want to splurge on good fish. Who knows where the restaurants in town get their seafood!

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