The Organization Before the Community

The City Manager protects his team.

Even when they’re wrong.

So if one of his Deputy City Managers decides to cram the Mexican American Cultural Center into the Downtown Library, the City Manager covers her back.

Even though it means stuffing resources into the sub-basement, and second sub-basement, inconveniencing library patrons and dismissing supporters of the Cultural Center.

Even if large segments of the community are opposed to the move.

And I hate to point it out, but the City staff is largely ignorant of the needs and wants of the community.

They’re carpetbaggers. The City Manager doesn’t even live in El Paso. How can you phone in that job?

City Staff has adopted a siege mentality, and, as a result, has turned local governance into a zero-sum game.

Their hubris means that they can’t even reconsider their decisions, even in the face of well-reasoned and passionate opposition.

The City doesn’t need you and they expect the same.

Except when it’s time to pay the bills they’ve run up.


  1. I just wish we could afford to sell up and move out. But, not only is that an expensive idea, but at my age (72), I don’t want to go through a move.

  2. We were told way back when that we needed to expand the library because the very spaces in the building the City is now considering shoving stuff into wasn’t adequate then…

    How is it adequate now?!?

    Putting the MACC in the Main Library is wrong on so many levels – but you can’t tell Tommy or his minions that.

    …They literally refuse to hear anything counter to their “expert” opinions

  3. I second Hector’s question. Where does he live if not El Paso? I already had a pretty low opinion of the city manager but him not living here would make it even worse.

    1. Here’s a story from the May 4, 2016, El Paso Times:

      City Manager Tommy Gonzalez bought a home in February in the Dallas area, where he worked before coming to El Paso, according to his new personal financial disclosures.

      According to his personal financial statements filed with the city and state on Monday, the home is in Midlothian, a city in northeast Ellis County, 25 miles southwest of Dallas. Gonzalez is required to file financial statements with the state because he serves as a board member for the State Office of Risk management.

      Ellis County Appraisal District records show he and his wife, Sandra, bought the home in February. The home’s appraisal value is listed at $425,880.

      The current Ellis County CAD listings show a house owned by Sandra Gonzalez in Red Oak, Texas. Ms. Gonzalez property has a homestead exemption, indicating that she lives there.

      After Mr. Gonzalez was hired, the scuttlebut was that his wife hated El Paso, so they moved back to approximately Dallas.

      From the piece in the Times:

      Some city representatives said the purchase raises concerns because Gonzalez’s contract calls for him to maintain a permanent residence in El Paso while city manager.

      And yes, Mr. Gonzalez does have a house here.

      I’m guessing that the Gonzalezes are a two household family, and Mr. Gonzalez jets back to Dallas on Thursday nights to spend time with his wife and kids before catching the red-eye back to El Paso on Monday mornings.

      Now I’ve dug way to far into Mr. Gonzalez’ personal life than I ever cared to, and I’d like to apologize to him for having done so.

  4. Winton flair hunt and co have bought all that land on petr domeneci hywy by the wall where we used to go shooting. Both sides. Was told they expect to build 4000 homes in next five years. To el pasoans escaping this tyranny.

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