The Many Faces of El Chuco

Last week I ran an old post about how El Paso is an elephant. About how it looks different to different people.

El Paso is beautiful that way. It’s varied.

El Paso is complicated.

The problem is that the people making the decisions don’t always appreciate El Paso’s prismatic nature. They think El Paso is just the west side.

Even the representatives from different parts of town think El Paso is the west side.

So they get crazy ideas. Like luxury condos. A palatial arena. Incentivizing amenities for the leisure class.

You think that guy living off of Lafayette Street cares about Top Golf?

You think City Council cares about that guy living off of Lafayette Street?

El Paso, like every other city in the United States, is a city of limited resources. And for some reason about which I can only speculate, El Paso has chosen to squander its scant resources on things of limited appreciable value.

Is it because El Paso has a massive inferiority complex? Is it because our city “leaders” ingested industrial quantities of high grade hallucinogenics? Is it because City Council gets envelopes full of cash in their lockers after particularly good performances every other Tuesday? Is it mass hysteria?

I can only speculate.

City Council needs to take the bus down to Tigua. They need to walk the acres of asphalt on Zaragosa. They need to drink a Budweiser at the Iron Horse Saloon.

They need to spend a night in the holding cell of the County Jail, and the next night at a homeless shelter.

City Council needs a dose of reality.


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