The Long and the Short of It

According to this story from ABC News, the chief security officer in Ciudad Acuña has banned miniskirts.

The security chief of a Mexican border town has decided to ban women from wearing miniskirts, and to impose fines on men who parade the streets of his city in female attire.

Javier Agudelo is a retired general and now the top security officer in Ciudad Acuña, a city of 140,000 residents across the Texas border. He told local newspapers that miniskirts and cross dressing had to be banned in town in order to preserve “morality” and “decency,” but also said that women who wear short skirts, or men who dress as women, can use their apparel to “commit several sorts of crimes.”

According to Agudelo women can use miniskirts and “provactive” attire to engage in prostitution, to provoke fights, or to lure kidnapping victims. Men who dress like women can hamper police investigations – by allegedly disguising their identity — and use public bathrooms intended for the opposite sex. There are clearly no statistics that prove this, but that has not stopped the push for it.

Miniskirts. Who knew?

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