The High Cost of Top-Down Gentrification

Here’s a killer story from Chucopedia by Moncia Krause about the neighbors who live in the footprint and the shadow of the new downtown arena.

They’ve been lucky to live in a place that they love and can afford, but their luck has run out. Their snug neighborhood, tucked among storefronts, art galleries, a parking garage and bus depots, will be bought by the city of El Paso and torn down to build a multipurpose arena. They’ll move somewhere — they have no idea where, though they hope to stay nearby. The city has pledged to help with moving costs and half a year’s rent wherever they wind up, but they doubt they’ll ever find a place as affordable and as pleasant.

There are human consequences to what the suits propose.

Read the story.

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  1. Thanks for the article. Too many people consider this an area of old, inconsequential houses and do not consider the people who have their homes there. This is an authentic, living neighborhood. The City is making a big mistake that they will have to own because no outside groups were consulted. Announce, vote, it’s done. That’s what the City thinks, but it’s far from done.

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