The Gift That Keeps On Giving

For petty revenge, give your best frenemy a dog.

Or, better yet, give it to their daughter.

Make it a big dog, maybe the size of a Great Dane. It’ll be better if you can find a breed that’s high strung. A dog that’s been bred for incontinence, and loose bowels. A dog that sheds a lot, and is flatulent, and impossible to house break.

On a related note, the ballpark will cost the City of El Paso $5 million more dollars over the next 6 years. From

The El Paso City Council approved a nearly $5 million capital improvement plan for the Downtown ballpark but will defer pursuing projects until fiscal year 2022.

With the exception of safety and security upgrades for the ballpark, most projects scheduled to upgrade the facility will have to wait. The council voted unanimously for the plan during their Tuesday meeting.

. . .

City officials say the nearly $5 million capital improvement plan is to make interior, structure, food service and retail improvements to the facility over five years. Some of those improvements would include a WestStar Club interior upgrade of $545,000, a $720,000 main video board purchase and $200,000 club level concourse resurfacing, among other items.

Do they make dogs like that? I think I may have discovered a lucrative niche market.


  1. Why in the world can’t the current tenants do these “improvements,” since they are the ones who will most likely benefit from them? What the hell is in this for me?!

  2. Don’t worry. The HOT will cover it. Wilson told us so and was seconded by Foster. I was there that day in CC.

  3. A unanimous vote? So much for “progressives” on Council…and incoming Mayor Leeser – any comment????

  4. It seems the problem here was who wrote the contract, the city or oligarchies? If the city did it then the problem is with the city who which the contract. Maybe someone should look into who wrote the contract and why?

    1. Business deals are supposed to be mutually beneficial. That is the heart of business. Our city officials were so enamored with the bullshit the billionaires were peddling that they forgot to look after the taxpayers. Opponents of the ballpark were demonized. The CFO even lied to the public about the tax burden associated with the Quality of Life bond projects. It doesn’t matter who wrote the contract because they were all rooting for the same team, and we’re not on it.

    2. The FOIA emails of the period show Mountainstar representatives downloading the enabling legislation to Wilson for CC enactment. In case anyone had any doubt as to who their government
      worked for I have the original Term Sheet that says for capital repairs, “…the City shall be responsible and pay for all capital repairs, replacements, and improvements to the Ballpark.”

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