The Fat Men’s Club

Here’s a story from Texas Monthly:

“Reckhart is Fasting” read the headline of a 1902 El Paso Daily Times. Reckhart, apparently, was “eating only one 15-cent meal a day” so that he could gorge himself at an upcoming party. And not just any party—this was the fat men’s club’s so-called “foolisher.” The foolisher committee, however, had great anxiety about food and drink holding out if Reckhart were to arrive at the festivities with his sizable belly completely empty. To avoid such calamity, the club members were “seriously contemplating holding a courtmartial.” They informed Reckhart that if he expected to come to the party they wanted him at least “partly fed.”

Do I hear the clamor of a revival trumpet?

Read the whole story at Texas Monthly.

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  1. ln the first place l would like to know how in the hell did you obtain a picture of my torso?
    Secondly, and this may be a bit off topic, but then again none of us have anything better to do, so hear it goes: How interesting would it be if nine months after everyone is allowed to go back to work, that Texas experiences an influx of what l will appropriately label as “corona babies?”
    l mean as great as the shows are, one can only watch so many reruns of South Park before requiring something that resembles physical activity.

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