The Emerging Front

We are at war.

No, I’m not talking about the Ukraine. I’m talking about the undeclared class war that MountainStar Sports Group, the City of El Paso, and the Chamber of Commerce are waging on the working class and small businesses in El Paso. The City has expanded their list of undesirables to include the hungry.

And the bad guys aren’t dropping bombs and shooting missiles at us. They’re foisting useless vanity projects on the taxpayers, and slowly taxing us out of home and business.

I can understand it. If you made billions of dollars building military housing, you might think that all it takes to make a community is some Quality of Life amenities. If you’re in the military, you don’t get to decide where you live. You don’t worry about making a living. If you’re in the military, you’re living in a socialist paradise. Government housing. Medicare for All. And a regular paycheck.

Perfect socialism, though it might be bordering on National Socialism.

Longtime readers will remember that I explored the blueprint for the Axis of Evil’s war way back in 2017, in that post The Master Plan.

You go follow that link to the original post, so I don’t have to repeat it here. I’ll wait. The crux of it all is that MountainStar Sports Group wants The County of El Paso to build them a soccer stadium over the freeway.

The problem for MountainStar is that the County Commissioners Court, the elected officials who run the County of El Paso, aren’t the pet monkeys that the overwhelming majority of our City Council Representatives are.

Of course, MountainStar has a cure for that.

MountainStar (and their surrogates) are dumping money into election campaigns to defeat the incumbents.

Will it work? Maybe, if you don’t vote.

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