Garden Report

I left my chiles outside this winter.

Most of them. I put four in our little greenhouse, just in case my experiment didn’t work out.

Then, when the freeze was coming, I watered all the plants. Good. Soaked the roots.

I wasn’t sure they were going to make it, but most of them are showing new growth. They pulled through.

Next I’ll trim off the dead branches, but I will let these plants get vital first.

Even the spider plants survived. Spider plants are supposed to be house plants, but in temperate Valpo they grew spider plant hedges as big as washing machines.

I know chiles are cheap. But it’s cool to go out to the backyard and pick them fresh when you need them.


  1. Just got back from Lowes with my seedlings for potted tomatoes, chard and a front shrub. I also raise herbs in pots for the last 10 years with some success, growing them directly from seeds, not seedlings. Lazy gardener to say the least but I cook with herbs frequently. We’ll see how the chard does, first time I’ve tried it. The heat here is not for every plant.

    1. We grow chard all year here at my house. It does great. Also, thyme and oregano. Somehow we’ve never had any luck with rosemary. Maybe I water it too much.

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